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Getting Around Palawan – General Information, Tips and What You Should Know About Available Transportations

When you’re on a holiday, nothing should get in the way of you enjoying your vacation. And you’ll find that Filipinos, with their welcoming and accommodating attitude, agree that you – ...

Jeepneys in Palawan

Whenever you are in the Philippines, no sight is complete without spotting jeepneys roaming around the streets. They are very common anywhere you may be. In Palawan, jeepneys are counted as the most efficient ...

Paddle Boat in Palawan

The majority of Palawans area is composed of water. It is no longer surprising, then, that you will see lots of water transport options available. For adventure tourist trips, there is the very reliable paddle ...

Get to Palawan by Sea in Palawan

Palawan, being a top destination among tourists and locals exploring the Philippines, is made even more accessible through basic transportation means. If you are seeking guidelines on how to get to Palawan by ...

How to Get to Palawan by Air in Palawan

Do you want some guidelines on how to get to Palawan by air? Well, you've found the perfect article. We will take you to this scenic paradise with less hassle possible.

How to get to Palawan

Getting around various destinations in Palawan, particularly Sabang and Puerto Princesa, requires the use of several transportation modes. To get around Puerto Princesa, one would need to take ferries or ...
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