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Why Palawan Sea Kayaking is Becoming a Top Island Activity

Palawan in the southwestern part of the Philippines is home to many crystalline beaches, stunning seascapes, hidden lakes, awe-inspiring limestone cliffs and diverse underwater life. There are many small islands and inlands in Palawan, accessible by land and sea. A wide variety of activities are available to tourists, from hiking to snorkeling and island-hopping. Each island offers exciting activities for tourists to pick from. Palawan sea kayaking, however, is the top recommended activity for tourists who want more than the customary swimming or island hopping adventure.

Sea kayaking in Palawan is popular because of its many small secluded beaches that are perfect as camping places for kayakers, many of them framed by beautiful, soaring limestone rocks with jagged peaks. Many kayakers have described the experience of going around the limestone cliffs surrounded by impressive rock formations and the quiet of a calm sea all around as almost spiritual in nature. The narrow openings between two cliffs are often gateways to discovery, beckoning kayakers to see what other amazing things the nature offers behind.

The countless islands in Palawan are good kayaking spots because kayakers can glide through the edges of the cliffs and throw in some snorkeling or swimming activity as well. Here’s what to see in the islands of Palawan when you go kayaking in the province:

Bacuit Bay

The Bacuit group of islands are near El Nido. The numerous islands in this Bay are often surrounded by limestone cliffs, offering a resplendent view of rocks similar to those found in the beaches of Thailand and Vietnam. You’ll find many crevices that are only passable by kayaks and discover many secret beaches of fine sand enclosed by the limestone rocks. The remarkable marine life found in these islands adds to the excellent reasons to go snorkeling as well.

Coron Island

Like the islands of Bacuit Archipelago, there are plenty of islands to explore with many islets and secluded beaches accessed through narrow openings between two lime stone cliffs. The clear blue sea also makes it possible to see the bottom of shallow water and the beautiful corals beneath. In addition, the diverse marine life is breathtaking and definitely worth seeing.

Mangrove Forest

The Mangrove Forest is near the town of Coron. The waters in the mangrove are calm. There are shallow areas and numerous narrow passages to explore.

Kayangan Lake

The Kayangan Lake is said to be the cleanest lake in the whole country. The fresh water is translucent and some rocks, corals and fishes can be found underwater. The Kayangan Lake is also surrounded by tall cliffs. There are numerous small cliffs in the area and many have narrow openings as well.

Sea kayaking in Palawan is slowly becoming popular amongst tourists. You don’t have to have an experience to join any Palawan sea kayaking tour being offered in the island. Go kayaking in Palawan and see for yourself why National Geographic has endorsed Palawan as a top destination for kayaking and why it was declared as UNESCO Biosphere Reserve.