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Top 10 Touristy Things to Do in Palawan

There are 10 attracting Touristy Things to you should choose to do in Palawan

1. Take the Honda Bay island hopping tour and squeal with delight at watching fish swim in the ocean.

2. Annoy the tour guide with your endless questions. Annoy him further by always being the last one to get back from swimming or snorkeling. Annoy him even more by going back for third servings at lunch, just when he has already packed up the leftovers.

3. Visit the Palawan Museum. Narrowly avoid getting locked up inside at closing time.

4. Eat at Badjao Seafront Restaurant. You’d be so amazed at the ocean view you’d end up blowing a thousand bucks on dinner.

5. Try the French bread at Viet Ville restaurant. Way better than the beef stew.

6. Eat beef stew at Bona’s Chao Long Haus. Best cure for a hangover.

7. Get lost while walking back to your pension house at night. The pension house happens to be located in the “Tondo” of Puerto Princesa, as one local said.

8. Ask for directions from every security guard, barangay tanod, old lady and random tambay on every corner.

9. Buy pasalubong, mostly cashew brittle and tart, in the palengke. Make the vendors compete on who could give you the lowest price.

10. Have a San Mig Pale Pilsen while the locals are chugging Red Horse Grande. After your third bottle of San Mig, you’d be guzzling a Grande as well.