Snorkelling in Palawan

Underwater activities are popular in Palawan. The huge area for exploration makes the province a haven for snorkeling and diving enthusiasts. Both activities are inspired by an adventure of the marine life that thrives underwater. But if you are not trained for scuba diving, then you will have to settle for snorkeling, which is pretty much less complicated.

Snorkelling in Palawan

Snorkelling is best experienced in island provinces that are able to preserve a healthy marine life, much like Palawan. With the diversity of sights that can be seen underwater, you sure would have a nice time snorkelling in this paradise.

Snorkelling in Palawan makes for an exciting adventure. It will put you closer beside amazing coral reefs and wrecks. It gives out a highly fulfilling adventure than regular swimming can provide. By being able to explore whats beneath the water surface, you get to enjoy more of the place. Majority of Palawans goodness can be found underwater. That is why people coming to tour the place should not miss out on a snorkelling adventure to bring their travel into full swing.

When and Where to Snorkel

Palawan is best explored during the months where threats of typhoons and storms are out of sight. Snorkelling is best enjoyed from October to May. There are many sites applicable for snorkelling, whenever you may be in Palawan. Based on the advice of majority, however, you must try the waters of Coron first. They say that the resorts in this particular island offer the most fantastic view of the underwater life. The Dive Link Resort, which is about a few minutes away from the town of Coron and is easily accessible by a banca boat, is a favorite destination.

If you are not too keen on where exactly to book your accommodation to enjoy the best snorkelling experience, you can take a cue from the countless travel packages on offer. You may get in touch with your travel agent to arrange an ideal vacation itinerary for you.

How Much you Need

For the most part, snorkelling is included in a travel package. Depending on your hotel accommodations and the inclusions on your package, the budget for a Palawan vacation could go between USD100 to God knows how expensive per day. Availing of tour packages prove to be convenient since they bundle up activities and sites as well as transport fares in one. You just have to be clear about what kind of vacation you want to have including the activities you like to try on. If ever a snorkelling adventure is not included in your package, you can ask your travel agent to find a way to include it in.