Scuba Diving in Palawan

Palawan has a very colorful underwater life. That is why it has been a top favorite for every scuba diving activity. The strength of the province lies on the diversity of marine life thriving beneath its luscious blue waters. If you came to Palawan for a vacation, it is not surprising that you will have scuba diving in your itinerary. Pity you if you dont!

Diving in Palawan

The waters of Palawan are more attractive to be explored further than an average swimming activity. Scuba diving lets you enjoy not just the cool blue waters but also the impressive walls, the coral reefs, the countless colorful breeds of fishes, and the fantastic wrecks. Being able to stay underwater for a long period of time, with the help of enough supply of gas, of course, lets you discover more of Palawan.

Scuba diving gives you the fulfillment of seeing what is it about the province that makes people come over and over and over. Since every site serves a different set of wondrous sights, you would not feel satisfied until you are able to make a couple of underwater adventures. To really enjoy scuba diving in Palawan, you must take the plunge on more than one area.

Scuba diving in Palawan would also put more weight on the significance of caring for Mother Earth. The most part of Palawan is preserved and marine life is at their liveliest. To know that such a good condition of the reefs make it possible for the marine treasures to be preserved will hopefully push you further in taking a stand against environmental booboos.

Everything underneath the waters of Palawan is truly remarkable. You will surely find it hard to name one specific place or one specific attraction that will keep you glued into the place and into diving in general. It is very interesting to take photographic memories of a scuba diving adventure in Palawan. Whether you are able to document it or not, the picture remains and stays on for a long period of time.

When and Where to Take the Dip

Scuba diving in Palawan is best experienced from October right through the month of May. The expected pleasant weather during those months makes it possible for a safe and truly enjoyable dive. You can choose from a variety of dive spots available. If you are not too familiar with Palawan, you can always take cue from your travel agent as well as from the varied resources currently available online.

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