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Palawan: Off the Beaten Path

Travelers who want to see things which other travelers don’t usually see can actually do this at one of the most popular attractions in Palawan .

This is unusually, of course, because most of the time, if an attraction is popular, it means that it is something which other people always see while they are there.  However, even though a large number of Palawan visitors spend time at the local leprosy museum, this is still an off-the-beaten-path attraction because it offers people a look in to a world which often is not experienced by travelers spending time anywhere else in the world.  The leprosy museum is located on the site of a very famous leper colony which existed in the area up through the beginning of the twentieth century.  More information can be learned at http://www.tripadvisor.com/Travel-g29... .

An experience in Palawan which is not had by the typical Palawan visitor is a trip to visit the local Batac tribal community.   There are less than five hundred people left in this culture, a culture which lives in the mountains of the area, so visiting with these people is almost like visiting with a piece of living history.   Travelers can obtain more information about this culture at http://www.philtravelcenter.com/phili... .

Firefly watching is a new attraction in Palawan that only started in October 2008. This is a boat-tour through a portion of the Iwahig River strewn with mangrove trees and other indigenous trees. On a calm (wind-less) and moon-less night, you'll be treated to several "Christmas Trees" where the fireflies provide the lights on the branches of magrove trees. The tour guide provides background info on the plants along the river as well as information about the specie of fireflies found in the Iwahig River. Firefly communities are becoming rare because they only thrive in areas with clean unpolluted air. Recommended for nature lovers, a must-do at least once! Needless to say, the tour starts after sunset, the darker the night the better visibility. The schedule is a good add-on to your day-trips (underground river, hunda bay, city tour) since you get enough time to rest(and shower) in your Puerto Princessa hotel before the firefly watching tour.