Cutural Sight

The Palawan Cutural Sight is social place. With public interest in visiting museums in the Philippines, Cutural Sight will be make you intersting.


One of Palawan's indigenous groups, the Bataks are mountain people who dwell in the river valleys north of the provincial capital. They are of Negrito stock, and since only less than 500 of them thrive today, they are considered a ""disappearing people."" Batak Settlement sites are on the slope of Cleopatra's needle, a 1,593-foot sharp mountain peak in Northern Palawan, and also found in Sitio Riandcan in Tagabinet, Tanabag Concepcion, Langogan, and Roxas. Sitio Riandacan is about 3 kilometers from Barangay Maoyon, Palawan.


Visitors must come to Tabon Museum for orientation before proceeding to the Tabon Caves Complex. A lecture on Palawan pre-history, the archeology of Tabon caves; the ethnology (study of different tribes) of Palawan, and other related information are presented here. The museum houses some of the archeological diggings and other artifacts. It is presently under the supervision of the National Museum of the Philippines. It is located in Quezon, Palawan. About 155 kilometers south of Puerto Princesa City, the town of Quezon can be reached by taking a bus or jeepney ride from Puerto Princesa City. A tricycle can be hired to take one to the museum. It takes 3-4 hours by bus or jeepney to Quezon and 5-10 minutes by tricycle to the museum.


It showcases the history, culture, music, art and crafts of Palawan. Exhibits show the archaeological, ethnological, collections; such as jars and porcelains, hunting and trapping tools used by the early ancestors, musical instrumental and brassware, some artefacts from Tabon Caves as well as antiques and diggings from Cuyo during the Spanish Era.


This museum features archeological artifacts and prehistoric diggings, which include fossils and crude tools of ancient man. It is located in the city proper of Puerto Princesa City, Palawan, from where one can take a tricycle and ask to be let off at the school. Travel time is 5-10 minutes.


Showcases the history, culture, music, arts and crafts of Palawan. On exhibit are archaeological, geological, ethnological collections such as jars and porcelains, hunting and trapping tools used ancestral man, musical instruments and brassware’s, some artefacts from the Tabon Caves as well as antiques and Spanish era artefacts found near Cuyo. Books on Philippine history, anthropology, archaeology and flora and fauna are also found.

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