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Special Interest Tourist Attractions of Palawan

The Philippines is one of the best vacation destinations in Southeast Asia. However, one region in particular, is known as the prime destination for both local and international tourists.

Why Palawan Sea Kayaking is Becoming a Top Island Activity

Palawan in the southwestern part of the Philippines is home to many crystalline beaches, stunning seascapes, hidden lakes, awe-inspiring limestone cliffs and diverse underwater life. There are many small ...

Palawan: Banol Beach, Twin Lagoon, Kayangan Lake and Siete Pecados Marine Park in Coron

Coron is simply stunning. Since we only had a day to go around, we decided to do both Culion and the Coron in one day. Remember that Coron Town is on Busuanga Island while most of the popular attractions are ...

Palawan: Things to do in Coron, Busuanga and Culion, Palawan

Coron, Busuanga and Culion, together with Linapacan and over a hundred more smaller islands comprise the Calamianes Islands of Palawan. You may have overlooked Busuanga as a holiday destination but take note, ...


It is a  fun place for those who wish to indulge in natural pleasures

Cutural Sight

The Palawan Cutural Sight is social place. With public interest in visiting museums in the Philippines, Cutural Sight will be make you intersting.

Top 10 Touristy Things to Do in Palawan

There are 10 attracting Touristy Things to you should choose to do in Palawan

Palawan: Recommended Reading

Travelers who are going to be spending some time in Palawan and who have any interest in the recent history of the area should be sure to check out “Last Man Out: Glenn

Palawan: First-time Visitors

For international travellers - as of Dec 2009, mostly cash-only in Puerto Princessa! For travellers used to swiping plastic cards to pay for stuff, this time, you need to bring CASH in Philippine Peso! You can ...

Palawan: Off the Beaten Path

Travelers who want to see things which other travelers don’t usually see can actually do this at one of the most popular attractions in Palawan .
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