Whenever you are out travelling, there should be enough space in your suitcase for local products that you can bring along. Shopping for souvenirs is an essential part of any trip, especially if the destination you are in offers a wide variety of unique products that you can brag along back home. When in Palawan, you will surely enjoy shopping as much as you enjoy sightseeing. Thats because Palawan has many unique offers to souvenir hunters.

Local handicrafts

Handicrafts or hand-woven arts are the most interesting souvenir items you can find in Palawan. The locals draw livelihood from the tourists who come year in and year out to explore the province. Part of their earnings from tourism comes from the local handicrafts that are widely appreciated due to their distinctive designs and world-class bearing.

The most interesting handicrafts are done nowhere else than the Iwahig Prison Colony. This unique correctional facility makes for a rehabilitation center that provides opportunities for prisoners to make out something from their craftsmanship. Souvenir items include handicrafts that are commonly low-priced than anywhere else in Puerto Princesa and Palawan in general. The Iwahig Prison Colony has its own souvenir shop where the items crafted by the prisoners are displayed and sold. It is located at Barangay Iwahig at the provincial capital of Puerto Princesa.

Aside from the Iwahig Prison Colony, Kamantian Handicraft is another nice place to hunt priceless items that speak of Palawan craftsmanship. Hand woven items and a varied display of wooden art can be found in this souvenir shop that displays Philippine culture at its finest. The items in Kamantian are mostly done by different tribes, providing that kick to your souvenir hunt. Whats more, the handicrafts sold at Kamantian are unique and cannot be found anywhere else. If you dig handicrafts tastefully made, drop by this amazing shop located at the Rizal Avenue of Puerto Princesa.

There are many other souvenir shops around Puerto Princesa city that features local handicrafts. The Crocodile Farm and the Viet Ville Souvenir Shop both have a wide array of handicrafts display originating from other parts of Palawan. Hand woven items such as bags, wallets, and baskets are among the top favorite. But hand-crafted trinkets and accessories are also in demand. Shops like those show the ingenuity of the locals as spoken by the items that they can make. In the Crocodile Farm, you get an extra treat of seeing how items are hand-woven by the locals. There is a weaving station where you can witness how the local products come to life.