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Badjao Seafront Restaurant

Badjao Seafront restaurant is a popular dining place in Puerto Princesa in Palawan. This is one of the restaurants highly recommended by the residents in Palawan to visitors in their province. The specialties of the Badjao Seafront Restaurant are the seafood platter and the set meal featuring the freshest catch of the day. They also serve shrimp in sinigang soup as well as fresh fruits in Palawan.

They also serve other dishes with seafood like crabs. The prices of all the dishes are reasonable. For a two thousand peso budget guests can enjoy two dishes as well as the seafood platter. Another Badjao Seafront Restaurant specialty is the Kare-kare or peanut stew with vegetables and pork. This dish costs two hundred twenty five pesos. They serve it in large portions so two or three people can actually share with one dish. Coconut juice for a refreshing drink is also a top choice among the loyal patrons in the Badjao Seafront Restaurant.

There are two branches of the Badjao Seafront Restaurant in Palawan. The first one is a branch in Puerto Princesas commercial district which is near Hotel Flueris and Badjao Inn. The other branch is the one that overlooks a marsh with mangroves located inside the small barrio called Sikat which can be found along Abueg Road. It can be reached in fifteen minutes by a tricycle ride. It is highly suggested that you make an arrangement with the tricycle driver and have it wait on you while you are eating because Abueg Road is quite far from the restaurant.

This Palawan restaurant has a nice ambiance. The restaurant was established above some mangroves and stilts at its base. Guests have to cross a wooden bridge with decorations to enter the restaurant. Guests will also enjoy the view in the restaurant because it overlooks a large swamp in the Abueg branch. The Badja Seafront restaurants are decorated with colorful fabrics which are used for Vintas. A vinta is a boat used by the Badjao tribe in the southern provinces of the Philippines.

The Abueg Badjao Seafront branch also has a photograph of the prince of York, Prince Albert. He visited the restaurant when he came to Puerto Princesa. Badjao Seafront Restaurant was the only restaurant he visited during his Puerto Princesa tour. The restaurant can also get filled up during lunch time and dinner time so it is better to place your reservation before coming to Badjao Seafront restaurant by calling them at (048) 433-9912.
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