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Visa for Foreign Tourists in Palawan

You have probably seen pictures of the beauty of the Philippine islands, including the peaceful yet exciting natural sanctuary of Palawan, that you are now ready to pack your bags and hop in to the next flight to the Philippines. However, before while you are preparing your clothes and gears for the trip, you also need to secure the necessary papers before you head to your destination. Here are the frequently asked questions regarding the Philippine visa?

What is the Philippine visa?
The Philippine visa is a permit authorizing you to enter the country and to stay in the country for a specific number of days.

Who needs a Philippine visa?

Every foreigner who would like to stay in the Philippines has to secure a Philippine visa. It doesnt matter if you are coming to the country for a business, leisure or education.

What are the requirements for a Philippine visa?
To apply for a Philippine visa, your passport must be valid for at least six months from the last day of your intended stay in the Philippines. For example, if you planned to stay until the end of May, your passport should be valid until the end of November. You also need to submit a passport-sized picture that was taken not older than six months ago. Along with the filled out Philippine visa application form, you also need to submit photocopies of your travel bookings and reservations. Prepare some cash to pay the Philippine visa processing fees.

Where do I get a Philippine visa?
To lessen the papers that you need to complete upon arriving the airport, it is best that you secure your Philippine visa from the Philippine consulate or embassy in your country.
How many days am I permitted to stay once I have a Philippine visa?

The number of days a foreigner is allowed to stay in the Philippines depends on the country of origin and the type of Philippine visa issued. There are foreign visitors from more than 140 countries who are allowed to stay in the Philippines for not more than 21 days even without a Philippine visa as long as their passports meet the validity requirements and as long as they have purchased round trip tickets or a ticket to the next destination.