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Visa Extensions in Palawan

In many cases, foreigners are allowed to stay in the Philippines even without a visa. Passport holders from several countries may stay in the Philippines for up to twenty-one days without a visa provided that their passport is valid for at least six months after their intended last day of stay. They should also show that they have round trip tickets to their home country or travel arrangements to their next country of destination.

What are the reasons for applying for visa extensions?

There are a number of reasons for a foreigner to apply for visa extensions. A business traveler might find it necessary to extend his or her stay to complete business transactions. On the other hand, a tourist, upon visiting the wonderful travel destinations in the country, will find out that 21 days is not enough to experience the country and the culture.

Where can I apply for visa extensions?

If you are already in the Philippines, the application for visa extensions can be done at the Bureau of Immigration. There, you may submit your application and pay the immigration fees.

However, if you already know that your trip to the Philippines will take more than 21 days, it is best if you apply for a Philippine visa at the Philippine embassy or consulate in your country. This will save you some time from doing a lot of visa paperwork when you arrive at the country.

If you have a travel agent, your other option is to have them help you apply for visa extensions. Just leave your passport with them and pay the processing fees, and they will assist you with your application. Of course, you have to pay extra for saving you the trip to the Department for Foreign Affairs.
What are the requirements for visa extensions application?

The requirements include a passport that is valid for six months after your intended stay in the country. You also have to submit the completed visa application forms and two passport size pictures. Upon payment of the Philippine visa application fees, your visa application will be processed. At times, the immigration officer might also require other documents from you. Be sure to inquire about this before show up at the Philippine embassy.

How long am I allowed to stay in the Philippines after my visa extensions?

You may be issued a three-month single entry visa, six-month multiple entry visa, or a one-year multiple entry visa. This depends on the nature of your trip to the Philippines.

For more information on Philippine visa extensions, you may get in touch with the Philippine embassy or consulate in your country, the Department of Foreign Affairs or with your travel agent.