Kayangan Lake

Located in Northern part of Palawan, Coron offers 12 major attractions for island vacationers. One of Coron’s most famous attractions is the Kayangan Lake.

One of the main attractions at Coron Island is the Kayangan Lake, sometimes called the Blue Lagoon, which is also known as the cleanest lake in the Philippines. The island has an unexplained native tribe who are particularly timid to outsiders. The place is maintained and guarded by the Tagbanua minority group. According to the tour guide, Kayangan Lake is part of the Tagbanua ancestral domain water.

The lagoon is surrounded by pure limestone cliffs, and with just a few steps away to climb the mountain trail before the tourist can see the most absolute perfect scenery for taking pictures which is simply magic, the views are the most photographed area in Palawan Island. However, before we enter the lagoon, I recommend you take a short look at the cave where you can get an enormous 360 degree view of the wonderful lagoon on the top of the mountain.  Almost all the tourist groups enjoy the place that simply cannot oppose the clear water lake; the best evidence is the smile on their faces.  I simply don’t think that words can illustrate this place. Tourist expressions and feelings above all their experiences, as they say this is a once in a life time experience! I believe tourists will be quite busy taking pictures, refreshing and relaxing in peaceful moments. Don’t forget to put some sun block and OFF lotion to guard against  the sun’s ultraviolet rays and mosquito’s.

The lagoon has a small landing stage where tourists can put their things on. The crystal clear water allows you to take a dip, swim or snorkel, although there is not much wildlife but we can see few small species of freshwater fish and shrimps.

Good news for people who like to swim and explore because there are several available Bamboo Rafts for tourists to maximize  exploration in all corners of the lagoon. Normally tourists request an early bird tour so they can have plenty of time to take and capture more pictures  explore further.

Because of the rising popularity, more and more tourists are visiting this place and sometimes because each foreigner belongs to a different kind of culture in expressing their enjoyment there are times that you might hear loud screaming, laughing etc. It might sometimes be a distraction to other peaceful and relaxing moment but it also proves that this lagoon is not to be missed. My personal comment:  you might not believe that this lagoon even exists in the Philippines after living in the city and watching the Pasig River, Manila Bay, and etc.

Tourists would normally stay the night at Coron hotels so the next day they can visit the wreck diving sunken Japanese submarine from World War II, but a scuba gear is needed to be able to explore the sunken ships.