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Amanpulo Resort Location: Dimakya Island

Pamalican Island, Cuyo Island's - See Map
The Amanpulo Resort Palawan is on the secluded private island of Pamalican, enclosed by a hillside and over 5 kms of white sandy beaches. Rooms are in a cottage style and have magnificent amenities. ... View More

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越南- 這個融合了東方神秘色彩和法國浪漫風情的國家。每年數以百萬的遊客從全球各地來越南旅遊,我們擁有從東方千年文華的古老皇城到西方百年曆史的天主教堂,從殘酷的戰爭博物館到祥和的佛塔,.. 越南越走越美