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Palawan Restaurants

Palawan is not only a place for immersing with nature; it is also a perfect venue for some enjoyable food tripping. Hence, to top off one’s relaxing vacation in Palawan, here are some restaurants that provide the guests an unforgettable dining experience

Badjao Seafront Restaurant

Known for serving delectable seafood cuisine, this restaurant that is the namesake of a Filipino ethnic tribe is situated on a lovely white beach giving the guests a romantic view of Palawan’s natural beauty. Badjao Seafront Restaurant serves native Filipino and international cuisines. Dishes that are highly recommended include the Lobster, which costs 135 pesos per 100 grams, and the Squid, which costs 175 pesos per 300 grams. Meals are also affordable, as they range from 95 pesos to 295 pesos. Set meals are served with a side dish choice of rice, vegetables and French fries are chosen from chicken, beef and fish as main course. This restaurant serves a nature-inspired ambience, from the walkway covered with trees to its wooden interiors. Badjao Seafood Restaurant is specifically located at Abueg Road in Puerto Princesa, and can be contacted by calling 63-48-433-9912.

Bilao at Palayok Seafood and Native Restaurant

Bilao at Palayok Seafood and Native Restaurant is one of the most frequented stopovers in Palawan. This restaurant offers the classic Filipino dining experience as it has a country-style ambience complete with bamboo cottages. Guests can sit inside the cottages for a more private setting and enjoy Palawan’s cool, fresh air. The restaurant specializes in grilled Filipino dishes, mostly pork, seafood and chicken. The price of the budget meals in the restaurant cost around 70 to 80 pesos, while meals for more than two persons cost 150 to 500 pesos, depending on the serving size. This restaurant is a perfect ambience for family and friends who want to experience a country-style dining at affordable rates. The place is located at 353 in Rizal Avenue at Puerto Princesa. For booking and reservations, call 63-48-433-6190.

Café Arturo

Café Arturo is a family-owned restaurant that serves international and Filipino dishes. This restaurant is known for its friendly staff and its very hands-on owners, which are sure to provide you with warm hospitality. Café Arturo boasts of many delectable dishes including the lobster thermidore and the crab cooked with butter and garlic sauce. Meals are more expensive than average since prices start at 150 pesos. However, guests are sure to enjoy their meals inside the restaurant where they are met with Palawan’s fresh air provided by the restaurant’s picturesque garden. Café Arturo is found at Mahogany Drive in San Jose, Puerto Princesa, and can be contacted at 63-48-433-4146.

Ka Lui Restaurant

Ka Lui Restaurant is a quaint, nature-inspired restaurant frequented by locals and regular tourists. Guests dine at Ka Lui while enjoying the picturesque landscape of the mini-waterfalls and the gardens outside the restaurant. Ka Lui offers only seafood dishes ranging from lobster to tuna. Desserts offer a native theme as they are composed of fruits, coconut and native rice cakes. Visitors are asked to remove their footwear and enter the restaurants barefooted, and courtesy might compel one to do so. However, the restaurant exudes a clean and peaceful vice with its cool bamboo interiors and tranquil environment. Meals are affordable given the quality of food and service, as price ranges from 100 to 150 pesos. Ka Lui Restaurant is located at 369 Rizal Avenu in Puerto Princesa, and can be contacted through 63-48-433-25-80.

Kamarikutan Kape and Galeri

Kamarikutan Kape and Galeri, which translates to “Wilnerness Café and Gallery”, is a coffee shop that serves as a haven for Palawan’s best artists. As the province of Palawan continually becomes an inspiration for artists through its natural beauty, Kamaricutan promotes local artists in a nature-and-art-inspired setting. Also known for serving the best snacks, coffees and local dishes, this place is a local hangout for artists and guests who want to chill out with music and drinks. Kamaricutan Café and Gallery helps out local artists by selling the art pieces that they put on display. Kamaricutan Café and Gallery is located at the Rizal Avenue in Puerto Princesa, and can be contacted at 63-48-433-5182.

Balay Tubay

Considered as the oldest residence at El Nido in Palawan, Balay Tubay features a restaurant that offers delicious and affordable meals to locals and tourists. The restaurant specializes in European as well as Filipino delicacies. The prices of meals at this dining place range between Php 100 to Php 300. If you want to unwind after visiting the tourist destinations in El Nido, you can listen to western music played by live band at this restaurant. Discounted prices of alcoholic beverages are offered from 5 pm to 7 pm. In addition, the place has a section where customers can view handicrafts and artworks by local craftsmen and artists.

Balinsasayaw Grill

If you are craving for authentic Filipino dishes, one of the best places to see in the province is Balinsasayaw Grill. Travelers will not have problems with budget when they dine at this establishment since they can order meals for as low as Php 60. Some of the most ordered dishes at this place are calamares, grilled liempo, grilled chicken Bicol Express, Adobong Pusit and Sinigang na Baboy. The ambiance at this restaurant is very homey and romantic. The establishment opens at 8:30 am to 10:30 pm.

Cashew Bar and Restaurant

Cashew Bar and Restaurant is located beside Rovic’s Inn along Hama Street within Barangay Masagana in El Nido. The operating hours of this dining establishment is from 6 am to 11 pm. The restaurant specializes in Filipino delicacies as well as seafood dishes. Customers can have a relaxing time at the place because it offers a nice and relaxing beach view. The prices of meals at this establishment range from Php 200 to Php 400. The ambiance at the dining place is very cozy so customers can have a relaxing time at this establishment.


A simple and small dining place along Calle Hama at Barangay Masagana in El Nido, Squido’s offers European and Filipino dishes. The dining area of the restaurant is relaxing. The prices of meals at this dining establishment range from Php 50 to Php 200. Examples of delicious viands offered at the restaurant are Sinigang na Baboy, fried porkchop, Adobong Manok as well as fried chicken. Sometimes the dining place serves satisfying Filipino breakfast meals to consumers like Longsilog, Tocilog and Tapsilog. The prices of beverages offered at Squido’s are between Php 15 to Php 30.

Tom Tom Club

If you crave for a satisfying and scrumptious steak, then you should consider visiting the Tom Tom Club at Manalo Extension in Puerto Princesa. This establishment serves Austrian and German dishes like paella and Pepper Steak with Jacked Potato. Music lovers can have an enjoyable time at this dining area because it has a wide selection of songs compiled in CDs. Once a week, a live band performs at the restaurant. All the dishes and beverages offered at this restaurant cost less than Php 400.

Bistro Cabalen

Bistro Cabalen is one of the inviting restaurants at Quezon Street in the City of Puerto Princesa. Tourists who want to taste Kapampangan dishes should try the specialties in this place. Some of the delectable dishes available at this place are the Cabalen Sisig, Inihaw na Hito with Buro Hipon, Dinuguan and Kare-Kare. Dishes are priced below Php 200. The place is very relaxing and it promotes Filipino style of dining. The waiters at the restaurant are accommodating and approachable. Additionally, the place offers buffet dining for affordable price so travelers can feast at mouthwatering Kapampangan delicacies

Bulwagang Princesa Restaurant

Bulwagang Princesa Restaurant is easy to find because it is situated along the National Highway of Santa Monica, El Nido. This dining place is open 24 hours a day. It specializes in Filipino delicacies. The food available at the restaurant is reasonably price. The prices of the dishes range from Php 150 to Php 400. Since it is inside the Bulwagang Princesa Tourist Inn, customers can expect a peaceful and serene environment. Additionally, the restaurant has a relaxing atmosphere and it is only few minutes away from El Nido beaches and tourist spots.

Haim Chicken Inato

If your budget is below Php 200 and you want to have a satisfying meal, then you can dine at Haim Chicken Inato. A single serving of Chicken Inato, the specialty of the house, costs Php 73. It includes rice and atchara, a Filipino side dish made of unripe papaya. Another special dish offered at the establishment is Tuna Kilawin, which is priced at Php 120. For beverage, customers can order the delicious Ube Shake for only Php 38.

Ayette's Bamboo House Restaurant

Ayette’s Bamboo House Restaurant is found within Port Barton in Palawan, which specializes in different kinds of beef, pork and chicken dishes. More than anything else, this dining facility is famous for its delectable seafood treats especially the crabs. Another notable dish is the Stuffed Squid, which is served with tomatoes and other vegetables. It has a refreshing and relaxing ambiance from the inside all the way out. Expect to pay somewhere around 500 pesos to 1,000 pesos.

Vietville Restaurant

Vietville Restaurant is part of Vietnamese Village in the province of Palawan. It has a Pacific Rim and Pan-Asian theme. One of the most popular dishes in this place is the Beef Stew, which is described as super tasty by many customers. Soft and pleasant-tasting French bread is also served here. Expect to pay a little less than $10 or about 470 pesos.

Balsahan Natural Pool

Balsahan Natural Pool can be found within Iwahig Penal Colony, which is one of the major tourist spots in Palawan. It features native cottages, where customers can eat their orders. The food here is very cheap, unlike other fine dining facilities in the area. Many people love to order the Broiled Native Chicken, which can satisfy 2 to 3 individuals for the cheap price of 150 pesos. They also love to drink fresh Buko Juice, which is made from fresh coconut straight from the trees. Each order only costs 10 pesos. Customers can rent a cottage for only 100 pesos. For the rice, expect to pay 100 pesos for each pot filled with newly cooked rice. The ambiance is very refreshing and relaxing because there are many trees all over the place. There is a river nearby, which serves as an added attraction.
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