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How to get to Palawan

Getting around various destinations in Palawan, particularly Sabang and Puerto Princesa, requires the use of several transportation modes. To get around Puerto Princesa, one would need to take ferries or other big boats. The majority of tour packages include costs for ferry and boat rides. Ferry trips around Palawan are convenient and lets the tourists savor the cool breeze and sceneries of Palawans shores.

Here are the various modes of transportation that passengers can choose from when traveling to Palawan.

By Air

The Puerto Princesa Airport serves as the main artery for flights going to Palawan. There are daily flights to Manila and Cebu. Likewise, there are fewer flights from Manila to other places in Palawan like El Nido and coron. However, there are no international flights in Palawan.

Seair and Air Philippines are the principal carriers serving Puerto Princesa but it is not unusual to see other carriers occasionally landing in the airport. ITI Airlines have flights to and from El Nido.

It is always suggested to reconfirm flights a day or two prior to departure. It is not unusual for airports to close for a couple of days or more during the rainy season especially if there is an approaching typhoon.

All of Palawans airports are provincial. Onsite facilities provide the basic needs of passengers such as toilets, telephones, and a simple information counter.

By Sea

From the nearby islands of the Philippines, Palawan is accessible by boat. The length of travel is very long. From Manila, the trip to Puerto Princesa may take around 26 hours. During the holidays, passengers prefer inter-island trips for personal safety reasons. In this case, the only viable option is via charter boats.

By Land

Palawans main attraction is that it provides a genuine feeling of living on the edge of the frontier. Because of this, public transportation in the province is not as many as in other more develop cities in the Philippines.

The bus terminal located at San Jose Market in Puerto Princesa is the center of public transportation in the island. There are various buses that would take passengers to the northern portion of Palawan. However, for those who are going to the southern region, transportation options may be more limited.

Of course, as in other regions of the country, the jeepney is a popular fixture in the public transport scene in Palawan. There are jeepneys that serve all the main highways of the province, taking in passengers along the way. Larger jeepneys regularly travel from the small towns of the island going to Puerto Princesa. They leave the terminals once everyday during the morning.

Tricycle rickshaws as well as motorized taxis provide another viable transportation option in Palawan. The former can be hailed in the principal as well as secondary cities in the island. Tricycle rickshaws are available for hourly rentals for pleasure sightseeing tours.

Although not a prominent fixture in the island, hiring a taxi is possible in certain parts of the island, particularly in the airports at Puerto Princesa and El Nido. Car rental can be a consideration upon arrival on the island for those who are looking for a reliable and comfortable means of getting around the island.

Many tourists likewise opt to hire a driver in order to take advantage of their sightseeing tour.

Motorboat Ride

A motorboat ride is one of the ways of getting a good Palawan transportation that will help you see more of the province and experience how the people go from one place to another. There are many places around the province where you can get rental services for a motorboat ride. The various islands and tourist spots like Puerto Princesa city and El Nido in Palawan hold this type of service. Typically, the rental prices may cost you around P1,200 up to P1,500. That amount usually would be for motorboats that can carry a capacity of about ten (10) passengers. Some travels may take as short as fifteen minutes to about two hours – depending heavily on the distance that would be required for traveling to the place of destination that you would choose to explore further.

Paddle Boat

Most of the places you may choose to go to in Palawan offer a paddle boat. However, you may not be able to enjoy this particular Palawan transportation in Sabang since there are no paddle boats in the area. Best times for having a paddle boat ride would be during the weekends where you can avail of some tour packages that may cost around P6,960 per individual. Some offers may be lesser than that amount. You may just have to look around for more deals and check out the price that you would be happy to pay for. Most of these rides are accompanied by experts in maneuvering a paddle boat so there’s no need to worry much. However, your participation in paddling may be needed so you can really have a wonderful riding experience.


There are some destinations in Palawan where you would have a long jeepney ride of about an hour and a half (1 1/2). Other travel times may be shorter like three (3) to four (4) hours or about two to three minutes ride. The rates are usually cheaper than other forms of transportation in the province.


Of the various forms of Palawan transportation, the cheapest, as most residents and visitors would attest, is riding the tricycles that roam the roads of the different areas of the province. The lowest rate, by far, is about P2 during the day and around P3 at night. It may be a dusty ride since you would mostly be passing through dirt roads to get to the places you are interested in checking out.

Tourist Tour

Palawan transportation tours commonly have tour packages that provide different activities which include several exciting land activities and enchanting water adventures. For the former, some of the activities that one can expect may include trekking or hiking and a visit to the ecological park of the province to see endangered species and other interesting animals. The latter can involve water sport activities such as snorkeling, island-hopping, and wreck diving among others. There are really many tourist tour offers that you can avail of. Typically, these tourist tour packages are given at affordable rates so you can still enjoy your stay without burning your budget.


A ferry ride is a gentler ride that may calm your senses as you take in the beauty of the province at sea. Many visitors and also local folks choose this form of Palawan transportation since it is a lot cheaper than traveling by plane. The only downside to this, as experienced by some, is the time of travel because there are times when it would take around ten (10) and even twenty four hours (24) of travel. This may depend on the port where you boarded the ferry. Choices for this form of travel include the Negros Navigation ferry and the WGA superferry.

So when planning a trip to Palawan, these are the various travel options that tourists can consider. When choosing a mode of transportation, the budget should have to be considered always.

It is likewise advisable for tourists to keep themselves informed about traveling in Palawan. In the end, this is always better than being sorry and not enjoying your trip.