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Discover Why Palawan is a Good Place for Eating and Drinking

Eat, drink and be merry. It might be an overused expression but it’s one that the many vacationers of Palawan find true where the province is concerned. Palawan, boasting of pristine beaches and picturesque seascapes, is a tropical island in the Philippines where you can actually eat fresh-caught seafood endlessly. Indeed, what could be more pleasurable than eating and drinking on an island likened by many to a paradise?

Palawan offers a wide array of local foods from which to choose. In addition, international cuisines are also available. You will never find yourself short of entertainment and places to go to among the tourist hubs that the province of Palawan has. Whether it’s wild entertainment you like or just a quiet place where you can relax and savor every moment of your vacation, there’s a restaurant and a bar to go to that’s perfect after a day’s fill of island adventure.

If you’re staying in a hotel, chances are, an in-house restaurant where breakfast and dinner are served is already available. And if you’re island-hopping, you can also opt to have your lunch in a beach. Some bigger offshore islands, especially in Honda Bay, have restaurants by the bay itself, but you can also have your lunch cooked and grilled by your hired boatmen while you’re enjoying the sea, snorkeling, or swimming. Your delicious lunch, which may include fresh vegetables and fruits, will be waiting for you after you’ve had your fill of the clear blue waters. Some market selling sea food also have cooking services that you can use. Your choices are endless.

In town and in mainland, a more sophisticated alternative is available. Following are some of the restaurants and bars most famous for eating and drinking Palawan style.

Filipino Food

Ka Lui. The restaurant is minutes away from the town proper of Puerto Princesa. They serve seafood in a cozy and homey ambiance. Diners have to take off their shoes to go in. Recommended meal: Fresh catch for the day set meal.

Badjao Seafront. Just a few minutes’ drive from Puerto Princesa. The restaurant stands on stilts and floats on the sea. The fish down in the water can also be seen by diners. They serve moderately priced seafood. Recommended Meal: Seafood Platter.

Balinsasayaw. Named after a native bird in El Nido whose nests are edible. They have two branches in Puerto Princesa: Manolo Extension and Rizal Avenue. They offer inexpensive food and have an outdoor dining area. Recommended food: House specialty grilled chicken.

Kinabuchs. The restaurant has casual ambiance and has billiards for those who enjoy the game. Beers is also served, food is great and inexpensive. Recommended food: grilled chicken. You might also want to try an exotic food called Tamilok – a wood worm.

Vietnamese Food

Rene’s Saigon. The best Vietnamese restaurant in the area. The restaurant is owned by a Vietnamese couple. They serve excellent food in a casual setting. Recommended food: Chaolong (beef noodles), fresh rolls, fried rolls and French bread.

Vietville. A restaurant in Puerto Princesa. They offer authentic Vietnamese and French cuisines. Recommended food: Kimchi, French bread and beef stew.

These restaurants are what make Palawan not just a haven for beach lovers, but also for those who love eating and drinking as well.