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Butterfly Garden

About 20 minutes South of Puerto Princesa, the capital city of Palawan, rests the Butterfly Garden of Palawan. It’s found within the city limits, in a place called Santa Monica. It hosts a number of different species of Palawan endemic butterflies as well as a few found in Southeast Asia.

The Butterfly Garden isn’t the kind of place you want to visit if you’re looking for exhilarating wind-and-sea kind of adventure, as most high-profile and popular attractions in Palawan happen to be. The garden offers vacationers a cultural and educational kind of fun, and it’s perfect for school group tours, families and little kids too!

To go to the garden, you may ride a jeep from the town or hire a tricycle for the trip. At the garden’s entrance, a small entrance fee is required before visitors are ushered to the entrance of a small cottage where a short video is being shown about the life of butterflies, the stages of butterfly life from egg to a mature butterfly, butterfly anatomy, and facts about butterflies. In the back are small nectar plants and flowering shrubs, a lagoon and the wooden benches typical of all gardens. It’s a nice place to spend lazy mornings in, just watching butterflies flying all around you.

The butterflies in this little park are enclosed in a walk-in cage where you can observe them, see them up close, take a picture of them or even let them fly down your arms and body. There are butterflies of different shades and sizes, and to make sure you can engage in some butterfly chasing activity with your kids, visit the garden in the morning when butterflies are most active.

Butterflies fly during the day because they need the heat from the sun to be able to fly. And when afternoon approaches, butterflies scurry to find its resting place for the night, because these invertebrates can’t fly at night. When it gets too cold, butterflies look for shelter to protect them because their bodies cannot produce heat. So, it’s always good to visit in the summer and in the morning when butterflies are basking in the heat of the sun.

The Butterfly Garden was said to be established by a former Palawan tour guide who had to cart foreign tourists up the different mountains of the province just to see some rare kind of butterflies. But their difficult hike often turned out to be for nothing, and because of this the tour guide thought of setting up a butterfly garden right in the city. So, today, visitors of Palawan are able to see butterflies in abundance without having to undertake an arduous trip up the mountains.

So if you ever find yourself with an empty morning schedule after a late night trip, or you’re having a slow morning waking up tired from yesterday’s strenuous diving trips in nearby isles, find a respite from all the activity by going to this butterfly park. Palawan is so full of must-see awe-inspiring places, islands, mountains and lakes that it’s easy to miss other wonderful creations of nature, and this is something you definitely do not want to do. See the Butterfly Garden and spend an enchanting and romantic morning with your loved ones.
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