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Palawan is a narrow archipelago of 1,700 islands on the western border of the Philippines. It is geographical location makes it seem remote from the rest of the country, and in fact, some of its southern islands are closer to Malaysia than to other provinces. The waters of the South China Sea lap the western shores of Palawan, while the Sulu Sea hugs its eastern coast. With a land area of more than 1.7 million hectares, Palawan is the country's largest province. 

Palawan Education

Like in the rest of the country, there is no shortage of educational facilities in the province as Filipinos, wherever they may be, value education more than anything else. Learning institutions such as ...


For the people of Palawan to get their share of news and entertainment, the leading newspaper published by the Luntian Publishing, Inc., and circulated throughout the city of Puerto Princesa, is known as the ...

Climate in Palawan

Palawan basic info on climate is its two climate types: the sunny and rainy. It’s six months dry season, and six months wet season. These are mostly severely felt in the north and south of the island ...

Language in Palawan

Another natural way of getting to know more about Palawan is to learn about its mixture of interesting languages that are being used throughout the province. There is a rich and diverse form of language being ...


Palawan has become more accessible today than it was many years back.


Long before tourist resorts began setting their sights on Palawan, adventure travelers known as "backpackers" had discovered and explored the rugged natural wonders of the province. Palawan earned ...

Environment & Nature

Known the world over as the Philippines' last ecological frontier, the province of Palawan harbors vast tracts of topical rainforests and a huge expanse of marine wilderness. Thick canopies of trees carpet ...

People and Population

The growing population of Palawan has already reached about 737,000 people according to the data garnered from the 2000 census. A mixture of around eighty seven (87) racial and cultural groups resides ...


In 2007 the National Geographic Traveler magazine said Palawan was the best place to see in the East, particularly in Southeast Asia. This Palawan basic info said the province island is the 13th among the best ...

Palawan: History

The history of Palawan may be traced back 22,000 years ago, as confirmed by the discovery of bone fragments of the Tabon Man in the municipality of Quezon. Although the origin of the cave dwellers is not yet ...
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