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Culion Cathedral

The Culion Cathedral in Culion, Palawan is managed by the Jesuits who reside in that area. Up to now it still serves as one of the must-see historical and tourist spots in Palawan. Many spiritually-devoted ...

Cagayancillo Fort

The Cagayancillo Fort became a safe haven for many people in the early years in Cagayancillo, Palawan. It protected those residents from harm from the attacks of marauders and pirates. Aside from being a naval ...

Cuyo Fort

Another worthy must-see historical and tourist spots in Palawan is the Cuyo Fort, which also served as a safe place of protection from enemies during the Spanish era. This ancient fort can be found in ...

Puerto de Sta. Isabel

One of the historical and tourist spots in Palawan is Puerto de Sta. Isabel, which was constructed in the year 1667 with the help and tutelage of the Augustinian Recollect Fathers. It served as a fortress to ...

Honda Bay

One of the most popular Palawan sightseeing destinations is Honda Bay. It is comprised of several islets and easy dive sites, so it is not surprising that this area of Palawan draws numerous crowds regularly. ...

Melville Lighthouse

One might wonder what all the hype is about a light house. One might even go further and wonder why the Melville Light House is among the tourist spots in Palawan. The Melville Light House should not be ...

Palawan Museum

The Palawan Museum is headed by no other group than the Natural Historical Foundation of Palawan and they are committed to showcase the beauty of Palawans history, arts, culture, crafts and music.

Palawan Puerto Princesa National Museum

If one is wondering whether the Palawan Puerto Princesa National Museum is the same as the Palawan Museum, the quick answer is no. Although both museums are about Palawan and both are located in Puerto ...

Palawan Divers

El Nido is the pearl of the Philippines, a magical and inspiring place to discover. From its ageless towering marble cliffs to its white sandy beaches with crystal clear water, there is an taste of paradise ...

The Crocodile Farm

Located between Iwahig and Puerto Princessa is a crocodile farm. It is a joint venture between the Philippine and Japanese governments. The idea is to breed the animals in captivity and eventually harvest them ...
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